6D Meta

6D Meta, a collaborative effort by the BDID team, Bit city team, and the .btc community, has introduced innovative gameplay to the Ordinals DID ecosystem. By transforming 6-digit .btc names into distinct types of land within the Metaverse, it enhances the digital landscape and opens up exciting possibilities.
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Function Introduction
DlD Launchpad
DID Launchpad allows various projects to issue decentralized domain names, incorporating their own names as unique suffixes.
BDID Auction feature offers a dynamic and transparent way to buy and sell your DiDs.                        
What are Ordinals DIDs?
Like but different from ENS, Ordinals DIDs represent those human-readable DIDs inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain with Ordinals protocol(Anyone can use Ordinals protocol to create DIDs with different suffixes). Currently, there are many Ordinals DIDs, such as .sats, .bitmap, .btc, .x, .bitter, .unisat and etc. Ordinals DIDs are completely decentralized, which means it neither has gatekeepers nor uses smart contracts, and all its records are stored on the Bitcoin blockchain.