Blockchain Drug ID

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About BDID

Serialization will be a global requirement by 2018. Our Blockchain Drug ID (BDID) is one of the best solutions for US, EU, China, and Brazil's Track and Trace Regulations. BDID system can track and trace to the final unit, pill, of the drug supply chains.

BDID uses Blockchain’s anti-forgery, multi-ledger, huge ID numbers (2^256), independent management, and multi-confirmation to comply track and trace globally.

BDID uses Blockchain, mobile APP and internet to achieve:

☒ Drug identification

☒ Drug tracing

☒ Drug verification

☒ Detection and Response

☒ Notification

☒ Instant Reward

BDID provides the real-time opportunity to review data and analyze drug track to capture business value, create revenue and increase ROI.

1. Identification

Patients can use mobile APP to scan drug QR Code. This drug QR Code contains the multi-Sig and encrypted keys that can be cross-confirmed the drug records through internet with Pharmaceuticals.

2. Verification

Drug encrypted key needs to match the Blockchain correspond key to confirm the legal status of the drug. This information will be analyzed based on pill lot number, expiration date, potential side-effects, and other available information of multi-drug regimen.

3. Notification

After the data analysis completed, the BDID system will immediately inform the patient of the efficacy of the pill, medication safety and other warning. BDID will also remind the patient medication schedule to keep the efficacy of regimen. BDID APP will display the report and chart of analysis based on big data.

4. Tracing

All collected information including the use of the pills, the frequency, and the dosage of individuals, and regions is for big data analysis. After the patient's consent, the data may be provided to the medical staff or Specific Institutional Reference.

Our Services

BDID is the best Global Drug anti-counterfeiting solution focusing on individual pill with its own unique ID. And it can also be used in other anti-counterfeiting area.


Blockchain Drug ID (BDID) achieves the ultimate goal to track and trace the final unit, pill, of the drug supply chains with tiny cost of Internet of Things ( IOTs).
The advantages of BDID are as follows:

BDID is Internet of Things (IOT)

BDID is an innovative system using Internet of Things and a knowledge-based system to check drug ID, detect dose and drug interactions.
Like most IOT services, BDID has no limits to geographical location or institution and can be shared across multiple networks.

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BDID mean Low-cost

Lower cost is key benefit of BDID.
Thanks to the Blockchain, BDID could offer a reliable, low-cost way for drug ID or operational reward transactions to be recorded and validated across a distributed network with no central point of authority.

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BDID is Global Drug Anti-Counterfeiting Solution

Estimates on the size of the global counterfeit drug market range from $75 to $200 billion.
It is estimated that 10–15% of the global drugs supplied are counterfeit. The prevalence is higher in developing countries in Africa and in parts of Asia and Latin America where up to 30–60% of drugs on the market are counterfeit.

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